More than 25 years of practice as a lawyer and many years specialization as a specialist lawyer for family law and as a specialist lawyer for administrative law substantiate my rich professional experience. Routine helps, but does not replace the focus on the specifics of each case and the needs and interests of the clientele that I represent. Find out more about my legal services and my way of working!

Lectures and publications

My publications and lectures on public law and family law issues arose out of my legal practice. They bundle the status of the legal discussion and its implementation into an easy-to-understand form. The content of my lecture offers is constantly updated and has been in demand by companies, associations and for years as a subject of further education events organized by lawyers' associations.


My passion for literature has become my second profession over the years: writers. In a way, he completes my main job: As a lawyer, I seek creative solutions in the given reality, as a writer I create a world for a fictional or a framework for a true story. Learn more about my desire to write, my novels and their backgrounds!




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